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      Hi Everyone... Welcome to the AsianCamModels Group Of sites Community Forum. Here you will get a chance to interact with other Models, Members etc...  We are hoping that this will grow to become a real interactive community. Feel free to post whatever is on your mind.. suggestions, complaints, rants, observations. Regards, ACM

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  1. Last week
  2. Purpose of categories?

    This is the kind of question that it would be nice if the administrator could give comment on to clear things up.
  3. Looking for TS Mistress

    I'm small cock sissy looking for ts mistress
  4. Earlier
  5. Purpose of categories?

    If I remember correctly "wild" should be for models that allow anal, "party" for play pussy and "romance" for just naked. I agree that those 3 categories represent a totally useless division. Maybe it's related to some legacy of the site's past but at moment I have difficulties to find a concrete reason to keep it like that but to make the main page looking very full like there are triple of models online.
  6. Purpose of categories?

    One thing I've always wondered about is the purpose of the different model categories. It makes sense for orientation, pregnancy, couples etc, but what is the purpose or difference between "Wild girls" "Party girls" and "Romance"? 99% of the models are in all three categories and those three categories don't seem to have any meaningful purpose or difference between them.
  7. Happy Birthday ACM

  8. Happy Birthday ACM

    When did this website first launch anyway?
  9. Missing model

    Does anyone remember the model sky , where has she gone to , or does anyone know other screen names of her ?
  10. nastysexyrose

    I havent lost interest... I saw the logs of the video..... and I havent sent an email to the model.
  11. shabureg

    the girls profile reads xxLovelyNovaxx
  12. shabureg

    I was confused by the post too. I even searched for the Model's name and could not find her. So her reputation is fine since she does not seem to exist unless my country blocked. The whole idea of the site over skype is to avoid these kinds of problems. So if there is any lesson here i think we already knew. You should not trust models and make side deals with them. If you do - you at own risk, And as Hornyguy said - we have already been warned by the site itself. I have operated small businesses before and to be honest if i had an employee or a customer trying to make a side deal cutting me out . NOT HAPPY and there are consequences. Now i do understand a hard cock lead to bad choices. There is lots of good pussy here offering good shows - find them and enjoy.
  13. shabureg

    You don't make sense, if they ask you to tip them, the tip is inside the site. Second, you are calling her out for trying to get the site's % while you did agree to be partner in this issue in first place. Furthermore any average person knows that cause it is well advised in the main page of the site and when you log in credentials as well. Ah and you are in the wrong part of the forum too... then, summarizing, your post sounds more dumb than useful. (But maybe some newbie could find it useful)
  14. shabureg

    girls asking you to tip them and they want you to go to skype to avoid paying % to the site .im new here and a girl called nove caran did it to me .i logged on to skype and she did no performance just took my cash.so guys beware
  15. nastysexyrose

    Just wondering if the Administrator has lost interest in this case. I have not received any response regarding the private chat with nastysexyrose on 8/21/17
  16. nastysexyrose

    I misspoke when I used the term "original complaint". What i meant to say was the offense that I complained about in this post occurred on 8/21/17, with nastysexyrose. The Administrator indicated that he wanted to look at the chat logs for this particular private chat. I would be interested in the Administrators viewpoint after reviewing those chat logs.
  17. nastysexyrose

    the original complaint was here and that was on Sept. 12th... not on day of the chat...
  18. Feelin' Groovy!

    Solo Pleasure
  19. nastysexyrose

    my screen name is rm357, I checked my purchase records, and I did indeed have a private chat for over 7 minutes, with nastysexyrose on 8/21/17 when my original complaint occurred.
  20. nastysexyrose

    i had a private chat with nastysexyrose on 8/21/17
  21. nastysexyrose

    Are you sure this was the model you chatted with... you dont show a record of a private with this model that I can see... not since 8/21 anyway.
  22. nastysexyrose

    my screen name is rm357
  23. nastysexyrose

    total bummer but it happens. hopefully you are refunded. most models aren't this bad.
  24. nastysexyrose

    what is your screen name? I would like to review this chat....
  25. nastysexyrose

    Has anyone else been scammed by "nastysexyrose"? She is a mature model who after flirting in private chat for 7 minutes after being asked to get naked, she finally took her panties off then put them back on. After I asked why she put them back on, she replied, I told you that I don't do naked (which she never said). I said that if she would not comply then I would log off private chat. She just shrugged her shoulders as if she didn't care. I said that i would report her to admin. She said "go ahead and complain". It is obvious that some of these performers only tease long enough to get in their quota time in, and are not willing to comply with normal requests from paying customers. I think these type of performers need to be weeded out, or be required to post a disclaimer indicating that they only provide a non-nude show. It's unfair and ridiculous to wait until spending 7+ minutes into a private show to reveal that they don't perform naked. Has anyone else encountered this type of thing with this performer or any other performer?
  26. How much do you believe of what models tell you?

    Rule #1: All whores lie.
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