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      Hi Everyone... Welcome to the AsianCamModels Group Of sites Community Forum. Here you will get a chance to interact with other Models, Members etc...  We are hoping that this will grow to become a real interactive community. Feel free to post whatever is on your mind.. suggestions, complaints, rants, observations. Regards, ACM


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  1. Happy Birthday ACM

  2. nastysexyrose

    I havent lost interest... I saw the logs of the video..... and I havent sent an email to the model.
  3. nastysexyrose

    the original complaint was here and that was on Sept. 12th... not on day of the chat...
  4. nastysexyrose

    Are you sure this was the model you chatted with... you dont show a record of a private with this model that I can see... not since 8/21 anyway.
  5. nastysexyrose

    what is your screen name? I would like to review this chat....
  6. Made a big mistake

    Just come to live support and ask it be reinstated.
  7. Website attack

    It was a DDOS attack not a hack, user names and passwords are safe.
  8. Short Videos

    I have given away enough free videos for now.
  9. Rating System Explanation

    You do that...
  10. Rating System Explanation

    well arent you smart!!!
  11. Model recruitment

    Click on the link to learn more about becoming a model or studio owner.... http://asiancamsex.com/exec/splash.jsp
  12. Rating System Explanation

    Come to Live Support....
  13. New PPV Videos

    I been pretty consistent in what I said... and yes multi quote does great!!!
  14. New PPV Videos

    i didnt ask you to drink anything and I didnt say they would or wouldnt be available, all I said is we have tons of videos and they might show up. we dont have them grouped into flash and non flash.
  15. New PPV Videos

    We dont have them grouped into flash and non flash, just current and previous.... we have a ton of videos in the vault so things may show up from time to time.