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      Hi Everyone... Welcome to the AsianCamModels Group Of sites Community Forum. Here you will get a chance to interact with other Models, Members etc...  We are hoping that this will grow to become a real interactive community. Feel free to post whatever is on your mind.. suggestions, complaints, rants, observations. Regards, ACM

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  1. Today
  2. Carla69 The best girl online

    She is a real crazy slut though. I have had her eat her own shit and cover herself in it, amongst other mental stuff. I give here 10 out of 10.
  3. No ACS in the AWA!

    Hi, I wanted to ask Admin about this seemingly legit awards contest for what concern webcam sites and model industry: https://adultwebcamawards.com/2018-awa-complete-winners-list/ making AsianCamSex part of it may represent a potential gain to the visibility of the site? I'm not referring to the Model Awards, I'm sure no Pinay model wants part in this cause of the well-known issues between Pinays and camming; instead, just considering sites Awards, a "Best Asian Adult Webcam Site" Award, crafted and tailored on AsianCamSex.com, would sound pretty cool and would push the site like the "best" in its category. Not necessarily this year, but the ones coming. On that page, there are also sakuralive (strictly Japanese) and Livesexasian (terrible, no decent model) to which ACS has nothing to envy. I think it may be propedeutic to the site's popularity, by the way, I have no idea of the ratio commitment/results aside from the statistics showed on the page I linked. For sure, to see our loved Site next to the most blazoned ones would confer some sleek glaze to the name, especially if crowned with an Award. Best Regards
  4. Yesterday
  5. icum videos

    Same for model sky
  6. icum videos

    on one model most of her videos are broken links it won't even load model name is hotmature4sex
  7. Chillipeper

    she hasnt been on since June of last year.
  8. Last week
  9. Chillipeper

    Hi all, There used to be a model by name Chillipeper, she is no longer in the site. Anyone know her whereabouts? http://s369.photobucket.com/user/aileninopia/profile/
  10. cutieasianxx

    greetz!! anyone check out this model? she seems hotttttttt!! anyone have any direct experience with her?
  11. Carla69 The best girl online

    I know what you mean mate, these girls are very poor, even if they lie sometimes, it doesn't change that fact.
  12. Earlier
  13. Carla69 The best girl online

    No i haven't spoken to her in awhile but i think she is playing some games for sure. She never pushed my buttons physically i just felt sorry for her.
  14. How much do you believe of what models tell you?

    Then I move my consideration on the effects those lies provoke: you can't put on the same plan a member that ask for a free show (a model can just say "No!") cause even in the case models fall into it they won't lose anything, with a member that get engaged or manipulated through lies by a model. I think it's two different levels. The lines that delimit each level are pretty different also. Just tell a model to never show for free, and she will be safe. Instead, there is no clear limit you can advise a member on all the spectrum a model can act to play him. Be aware.
  15. How much do you believe of what models tell you?

    Its a 2 way street ...Are punters honest ? they'll say anything to get a free show
  16. How much do you believe of what models tell you?

    I wanted to add this pearl by Henry Rollins Band to the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCLizTg9nWo I think it could help as food for thought whenever you are engaged in a chat with a cam model in any webcam site. (Recommended for newbies or naive members )
  17. Carla69 The best girl online

    Yes i talk with her on Skp and help where i can .... her family have moved out and left her alone because they are scared they will contract it ... she often gets really bad because she cant afford the meds or to go back in hospital ... she is very scared it will take her if not enough help
  18. Carla69 The best girl online

    Oh, that's very bad. How do you know this? Do you know her? I feel very sad for her now
  19. Carla69 The best girl online

    she has been very sick with TB .... in and out of hospital and often confined to bed ... not good for her when she cant afford treatment ..
  20. I was wondering how screen names are chosen and whether models have any choice about them? Some are rather clever, others seem misleading, such as ones suggesting a model is dominant/aggressive when actually she comes across as submissive/passive. Some poor models seem to be stuck with degrading names that probably attract particularly rude and abusive clients. Especially in those cases, I wonder whether the models had any input into the choice of name or whether they can change a name they don't like or is unsuited to them. If you ever decide to run a contest for members, you could ask us to come up with new screen names. At least it would give you a break from having to come up with new ones all the time. The winner of course, would get free credits!
  21. Carla69 The best girl online

    I have not seen her online for ages. Has she given up? Anybody know?
  22. model missing

    Which are the points that are not clear or wrong? (When I refer to "reading and sending private messages" I mean those messages sent not in real time, but through the "Send a message" profile function, the ones that resemble a canonic mail)
  23. 3

    musta ka na? long time no see ah
  24. Video Searching

    Not at the moment...
  25. model missing

    No Idea what you are talking about...
  26. Video Searching

    Is it possible to do searching for a particular model's videos after signing up as a member? Thanks.
  27. model missing

    Actually, no one told me it was one month, but I deducted it from partial information I had (a model answered a private message from me in site and she got removed after nearly a month), my mistake. Now I crossed the new information I gathered and finally cleared the discrepancies I had observed. The complete rule: the "Canceling Account Guillotine Counter" starts from the last time a model STREAMS through her webcam on site. From that moment 3 months are counted. If the model logs on her account, even if she does some sort of activity like checking her data, reading the private messages and sending private messages, she will still be considered as inactive by the CAGC. The date trace members can see in any model respective profile next to "Last Login" refers indeed to the model last login (No need to stream webcam to get that date updated). I think this answer the initial question (and my initial doubt) more completely. See ya!
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