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  1. asianobsession

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    _sweet_pinay seems to be racking up some serious votes I wonder if someone who voted for her could tell us what the attraction is
  2. asianobsession


    hehe indeed just being cautious before taking the plunge 😀
  3. asianobsession

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    actually hornyguy86 I really don't think there was anything wrong with what you said, but the way you said it was a little condescending. I agree with what Cowboy and admin said, but your points are also valid and worth discussing theres no reason we cant all get along and offer suggestions that can make things easier for this kinds of contest in the future if we work together peace guys
  4. asianobsession

    Why don't some members use the PM feature?

    I think they do it that way on purpose... they want everyone to see how cool they are hehe
  5. asianobsession

    Icum videos

    I used the live chat feature to chat with site customer service and they searched one for me... I think that if its not there in our own search though it is just not there
  6. asianobsession

    Purpose of categories?

    I kind of took it as 3 levels of, er, willingness. some models will just let you get to first base while others will let you hit it out of the park. hehe
  7. asianobsession


    sorry, yeah, that's what I meant... I thought this forum was for discussing such things I should've updated this a while ago, I've had several private chats with her since then and enjoyed every one... so the post can be deleted if inappropriate
  8. asianobsession

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    I demand a recount!!! Oops... we're not there yet... Why shouldn't you get a vote? Rock on!!! Good to know you're not just a machine... And thanks for the contest... this is a great way to stir up some interest in other models. I hope more members find their way here to nominate/vote...
  9. asianobsession

    Hall of Fame Nominees

  10. asianobsession

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    Are nominations still being accepted? I nominated in the other thread but she is not listed in the poll above.
  11. asianobsession

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    My nomination is cutieasianxx My member name is asianobsession
  12. asianobsession

    Models Hall of Fame

    I checked my inbox and spam folder and show no email received concerning this... if responses is low you might want to send it out again. Where exactly can models be voted for?
  13. asianobsession

    Models Hall of Fame

    My nomination is cutieasianxx My member name is asianobsession When is this expected to go live?
  14. asianobsession

    Make comments viewable for members

    Of course they are to be taken in context... I would like to see them as well if it is possible in future coding.
  15. asianobsession

    Video Searching

    Also if you go to live chat they may be able to search for you. They did for me but I'm not sure if that was just a one-off or they will do it anytime upon request.