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  1. Devon


    I think my resolution is good, the laptop is brand new, resolution 1920 x 1080 but the laptop is small, screen is 14 inches. Lenovo. The chat room video box needs to be smaller.
  2. Devon


    Thanks Soft_Touch and Hornyguy86, yes the chat room video window is always too big now...I think they should make it smaller or give you an option to resize the window
  3. Devon

    closing chat

    I have also experienced this...am not even in private and it asks me to rate...lol...I always give them top marks
  4. Devon


    The new screen size is way too big, on my laptop I cannot see the text box to type my message in...or, I have to cut off some of the video from the top...or I adjust my display settings to a non optimal setting...which is giving me the arsehole, and I can't have the arsehole...
  5. Devon

    Rating System Explanation

    I searched that screen name...no model of that name..so??
  6. Devon

    How much do you believe of what models tell you?

    Most Filipinas and Filipinos for that matter are liars and pretty lazy. I have a lot of first hand experience with both, through work and also having Filipina girlfriends also been to the Philippines a few times, (it's in my region) mostly they cannot be trusted, they are (in my experience) looking for someone to look after them and their family. I don't blame them, they are not bad people, they are just very very poor, the poverty you will see in Philippines is horrendous so what do you expect. Probably the worst I have seen and I have been pretty much everywhere in this region including Cambodia and Laos. Definitely the girls on this site cannot be trusted...for sure if she is telling you her mum is sick and she needs money for the hospital, she is also telling at least another dozen guys the same thing (or a variation of it).
  7. Devon

    Who Is Your Favourite Performer

    Thanks Horny guy...I think your screen name must be very appropriate, hehe. I like it. I have seen some of your list already...there are so many sexy girls here. cheers
  8. Devon

    Who Is Your Favourite Performer

    looks like your girl was online a couple of days ago
  9. Devon

    Who Is Your Favourite Performer

    Thanks for all the replies guys...I will definitely be checking these girls out.
  10. Devon

    Tip System