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  1. Devon

    How much do you believe of what models tell you?

    But the thread is actually about whether models lie or not, haha, that's pretty much the topic. Nobody should be judging or condemning them for it, they are just trying to get money for their family. I lie to girls all the time, I like to tell girls that I work as a dolphin trainer or sometimes I say I design the clothes for circus monkeys...it is all just fantasy and play hehe
  2. She got already, good job... looking forward to the next session
  3. Devon

    Double Dipping

    Sometimes if they are on another site they will leave the feed open during the private and ask for tips on that one...fuck it, I don't like it, so just don't pvt her again
  4. can you give one to Wetcunt22
  5. Devon


  6. Devon

    Best tits

    or this one...xxhoneyTRIXIE Tits like windsocks, but I love them.
  7. Devon

    Best tits

    Yes..nice one. I think Hornyladypie (formerly Carla69) got the best tits
  8. Devon

    Who Is Your Favourite Performer

    Thanks guys
  9. Devon

    Jolly69 Has her new HD cam

    I asked her also...she said the same thing to me
  10. Devon


    4 different sizes now for the video screen...That's beautiful. Good job
  11. Devon


    "I have requested chat screen 80% of the size of current with an option at half the size" I think that's a great idea.
  12. Devon


    I actually do like the new site layout...mostly it's good, except for the video size...All the feedback here has been very interesting. I do hope the option to resize the video window comes in soon. Thanks
  13. Devon

    Who do you go private with more?

    Only girls...To be fair though, I did private a ladyboy before, I thought it was a real girl and I really was taken aback when the bugger whipped his knob out!
  14. Devon


    Thanks for your help and yes resolution is lower when I check on that website, however, the cure is the same...if I want to look at ACM site I need to set my browser to 100% which is total shite for every other website on the planet, optimal is 150%. I would rather not have to toggle these settings. As I said before, It's enough to give me the arsehole.