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  1. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    youre welcome
  2. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    wasnt even nominated
  3. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    Youre welcome
  4. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    Youre very welcome
  5. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    My negativity towards you has nothing to do with that... its comes from the fact that you are a royal pain i n the ass and I dont like you...thats all.
  6. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    As for this... I just dont want to... thats it.
  7. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    They only person whining is you and as i told Cowboy, I knew there would be something new for you to complain about. Take your 100 credits and do us all a favor and be quiet.
  8. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    I enjoy the fact that someone else calls you out on your bullshit. You cant leave well enough alone and thats your problem.
  9. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    Thanks, I try to be fair and the count was fair, despite his issues he was in the top 3 with his nominees... Thankfully its over now. I am sure there will be something new to complain about soon.
  10. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    The winners are... Asian_aphrodite, Runner ups are Temptationsex, _sweet_pinay, and BABYDOLL.... Congratulations to member Lovejuice who will receive the grand prize of 1000 credits, we thank you for your loyalty. Members Hornyguy86, t.orange and Alexxx each receive a consolation prize of 100 credits... Thank you to all who participated.
  11. admin

    Who Is Your Favourite Performer

    should have voted for her then
  12. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    POll is Now closed, Votes will be manually counted and I will announce the winners in a day or two.
  13. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    what he said.
  14. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    Nominations are closed.... please vote for one of the current nominees
  15. admin

    Hall of Fame Nominees

    There was nothing cryptic about it... I have sent numerous emails to members informing them about the poll, there is no casual limit of nominees (the forum software only allows for 20) etc... again you are talking out of your ass and making assumptions that you know more than you really do. As far as Naivety comment, it was a simple contest run out of good faith to try and do something nice for members and give some models some exposure.. Its turned into a giant pain in my ass, and I doubt will ever run something like this again. I know who is making all the fake votes, he isnt very smart, he is in fact a studio owner thats using his real name in all the accounts he is creating. All i can say is I was honest and straight and I think everyone here can see that. I will review all the votes at the end of the poll and post the final tally... you all can take it for what it is and trust me or not... it doesnt matter to me one way or the other.