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  2. hd cam when thear not hd this need to be fix

    Actually, the 99% is not even 480p, but just a 360p x 240p. Trust me, from the Philippines' average connection you can't expect much more for a fluid streaming to be guaranteed.
  3. Make comments viewable for members

    Most of the members' comments are so cringe-worthy I'd prefer to keep the situation like it is now, with only the stars. Reading comments most of the times makes me shake head about the level of people's understanding of reality. When you see some model in the top favourite you are pretty sure she is a good performer, if she meets your esthetic desires, then go for her, comments would be kind of useless at that point.
  4. Voyeur/multiple members private show

    Hi, here you can find an answer: https://forums.asianslive.com/index.php?/topic/24-voyeur/&tab=comments
  5. Favourite

    You may find an answer in this thread: https://forums.asianslive.com/index.php?/topic/51-wheres-favorite-tab/
  6. funding

    After you have created a free account, and rightly logged in, just check on the top right part of the site page where you can see : Logged as youraccountname Account balance: 0.00 credits (add funds) Just click on "add funds" and you will be put through a new page where you can select different options for payment. But I doubt you still need this piece of advice after 4 hours have passed.
  7. Maybe you missed it, but for pinays exists the same situation and law; they can stream through the acs software but they cannot visit asiancamsex.com from the Philippines directly from a computer without using a proxy. Adult cam modelling is forbidden by law also. So thais encounter more or less the same restraints of pinays once they decide to do cam modelling; furthermore, thai cam sites already exist.
  8. Why don't some members use the PM feature?

    It's like to ask "Why there are trolls? Why there is weird behaviour?" One answer: people.
  9. That is part of the meaning I intended when I said
  10. I'm a pure pinay "fundamentalist", if model looks slightly not pinay I ask if her parents are both FIlipinos to keep 100% of the interest on her. Even if I agree Thais are the "natural" follow up, I don't like the idea some non-pinays to be involved to the detriment of pinays, especially in a site that is built specifically for pinays. I think the very high ratio of one single ethnicity in a whole site is an added value: like a sheer gold nugget. If you contaminate it, it loses value. Considering I feel to claim pinays are more special than gold, I think we need to take even more precautions to keep it this way rather than expanding or mixing things up.
  11. Make comments viewable for members

    I don't want to ruin your expectations, but the comment blank you fill in after pvt is actually useless because it is not saved. It's a legacy portion of the site that once was active but no more. Then don't waste time filling in accurate well-thought comments because they are not stored anywhere. Actually I have fallen into it too before, until I asked support how was the situation about those comments.
  12. model Slimcum69 banned

    Oh well that's a strong argument for a decision turnaround...
  13. Rates & Transparence

    Hi, after the n-th time in pvt that I'm asked if I downrated the n-th model, I start thinking why the site doesn't allow the transparence that would let the models see the rates they get after each pvt show. I'm sure in their profile they have a history with date and time duration records of each pvt they had. In my opinion it would be a step forward if the site could add a simple index with the numbers of stars received after each pvt record. That would save the models the "frustrating" role and the "embarassing" situation of asking and searching for the culprit of the downrate. The lack of such function really leave the models in a sort of stressing limbo cause they don't have any feedback on the pvt aside checking roughly the average rate (that sometimes is deceptive). In other sites single rates are visible not only to the performers but even to the guests (not that necessary though, just for saying), in this site instead there is just a dinamic average rate, I think the system could be improved and be more useful to the models.
  14. Purpose of categories?

    If I remember correctly "wild" should be for models that allow anal, "party" for play pussy and "romance" for just naked. I agree that those 3 categories represent a totally useless division. Maybe it's related to some legacy of the site's past but at moment I have difficulties to find a concrete reason to keep it like that but to make the main page looking very full like there are triple of models online.
  15. shabureg

    You don't make sense, if they ask you to tip them, the tip is inside the site. Second, you are calling her out for trying to get the site's % while you did agree to be partner in this issue in first place. Furthermore any average person knows that cause it is well advised in the main page of the site and when you log in credentials as well. Ah and you are in the wrong part of the forum too... then, summarizing, your post sounds more dumb than useful. (But maybe some newbie could find it useful)