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  1. hornyguy86

    Model Tracking our old names

    Ok, first of all, Guest Question comes in this forum and poses a question, living up to his nickname. From the post, he sounds a bit frustrated or irritated int3rms1 slips and ask a thing denoting he didn't nail the understanding of that question, it happens all fine. Then Admin comes and says: Tommy adds a correct piece of info, but that is not useful cause Guest Question already mentioned he tried "tapped in from a different part of the world" meaning as I can read he already tried changing ip without success. Then it's my turn, I read between the lines the frustration of Guest Question, recognizing the same I had, and since neither Admin or int3rms1 or Tommy gave useful info to him I decided to give the answer, and I'm pretty sure that's what he was looking for, an explanation on HOW models manage to keep on tracking him. Then Admin comes again and mocks me. (It's obvious I didn't mean I know the reason while admin doesn't, I was pointing out that no one wanted to answer) Admin drank already 2-3 coffees from the tone of the answer above, starts talking about technical things like if there is no other way in the world to implement that, or maybe subliminally asking to me or someone smarter to resolve the thing instead. By the way, Admin confirms exactly what I have said justifying it like a sacred table from god "common sense", pity I don't think many people around share the same specific common sense here. Then Admin repeats all I said for no specific reason, ah yes to remark that the thing is UNDERSTANDABLE but remember: so I rephrase that this way "it's understandable that models don't have a feature to track your name changes but it's common sense that they can do it"...absolutely. (😄) So It's still obvious that I meant "Create a new Account", or I would have said "change the username", but seems Admin wants to attach to these lil things just to show love to me. I didn't invent anything here, when I still didn't know the functionality of change screen name (with all the consequences) I talked with support, in particular, Adminsvcs (or something like that) and he in person told me that if a User create an account just for one load of credits, even if he cancel right after, the site management has to keep track and do a lot of paperwork cause of the it. So he told me to desist and just change the screen name, he was very nice, if you are the same person then it would be a clear scaring case of double personality syndrome. Anyway, that is what I was told. Guest Question asked if there was a WAY, he wasn't asking for a REASON. Secondly, excuse me, but aren't you the person that thought people on the internet not gonna try to cheat in a damn web forum poll with a money prize for...for the same "common sense" previously pointed out? Naivety resurfacing here... You should consider deeper the potential dynamics that could derive from the tools and the features available in a website without focus too much on your personal common sense. Should try to adopt a social version of Murphy's Law for a reasoning start. 😆 I have read in another site (str*****e ) right in the personal profile page "in order to prevent scammers stealing personal credentials, we suggest to change the screen name" so, as it sounds perfectly functional and makes a lot of sense, I thought this site was having a similar approach, instead it seems just a simple tool that origins issues. Perfect Best Regards 😉
  2. hornyguy86

    Model Tracking our old names

    I meant "deceiving", pardon the mistake and the double post. 😉
  3. hornyguy86

    Model Tracking our old names

    I answer to you since it seems neither Admin or 1nt3rms1 know the answer. (I faced the same issue in the past so I got it clarified by myself) Let's make an example: you are Guest1 Username, and you decide to make your screenname Alfa1. You take the model pvt, and the model will get a record on her pvt data history with the name "Alfa1" related to that pvt (timestamped). The issue stems when you decide to change your screen name. Let's say you put Beta2, well if the model during the time you are beta2 decides to check on her pvt data history book she will find that the pvt record under "alfa1" with that timestamp of before has changed the name record and has become "beta2". Think at the record in her pvt data history like a dynamic record that shows each time you change the screen name the screen name you are using from that moment and on. If she keeps checking that same pvt with the same timestamp of before she will be able to track every screen name you change. And same for all the other pvt records, they will all change in base of your actual present screen name. So you understand how easy becomes to track you, and more once they check it and they notice one particular pvt has different name record than before you will be caught even before you enter their room with the brand new screen name. The solution would be to create a new Username, but Admin will intimate you to desist cause that will create an exorbitant amount of "paper" and bureaucracy burdening on management. So I don't know the solution, behave well and try to fix things with models. I had to bash my head into this in past, after admin guaranteed me to don't worry and just "change screenname ;);) ". (That have put me in an extra awkward situation with a model I liked a lot, luckily I fixed all with her now) As you can see that wasn't the best piece of advice. In the end, screen name change works perfectly for what it was designed for and that's disguising the scammers, not the models. Best Regards
  4. hornyguy86

    HD Cam Trial

    This is probably a parameter that could be considered for a 5% in the equation that will determine which models are eligible for the HD cam gift: when you test the models would make sense to do it by random time or analyzing their average bandwidth use because some models are working in other sites, so they could show a fast connection if you ask them for an official test, instead if you pick them during a "normal" work session it would be more reflective of the real situation that will take place once the cam is used. (This is one hell of a cent!) By the way, models working in more sites for sure have enough hardware potential to dispose already of an hd cam, so I take my cent back)
  5. hornyguy86

    HD Cam Trial

    And with this post what did you add to my post? You could have saved your 2 cents. 😆
  6. hornyguy86

    HD Cam Trial

    I think it's essential to test the best models that also have a connection that is able to deliver HD. Just for info, HD is a bit ambiguous word, what do you mean by it? 1080p 720p or 480p? Or "at least 480p" ? Great idea by the way.
  7. hornyguy86


    I'm one of those members that would never load more than 50 credits in a shot, so this new arrangement is gonna hit me straight...all those good free minutes...gone 😥 But I understand the policy. 😌
  8. hornyguy86


    The site is a holistic system, there is no primary or secondary part to focus on (admins - members - models - technical stuff, all connected). He is speaking as a member, from a genuine member's perspective, let's not mix things with what models think. If you disagree with the things he said then talk about each point, he gave a good feedback (in this case good means well-thought, not positive or negative). I share the main point that the video is too big while the models' cam is 240p, as everyone with a piece of common sense would; to defend from that, egregious In3rms1 keeps hanging on the word "old site" here "old site" there (arriving at the personal offence!) but that's not what eminent guest123 meant, in fact, he clarified in the later post. So I don't get if it's a smooth way to elude the issue or just failing to get the point, or just trying to pull up a shield cause hit on the nerve on the other things. Peace. If the technical roadmap has other priorities I'm fine, I can support it, hope the site gets ready the soonest for flash's dump, some PATIENCE is needed for sure. My first priority is still that the model I take pvt drops a hot show. I'm sure If the admin will notice some loss tendency the roadmap with easily change polarity so the site will be fine. She gonna fool you either way 🙄 (Sorry I couldn't resist 😋 )
  9. hornyguy86

    Rating System Explanation

    Just to make it clear, that is the reason I have held myself from explaining it, it sounded a bit indelicate towards the site, so I asked. Thanks
  10. hornyguy86


    I'm not really sold on your explanation, by the way in this later posts we are not talking about the strictly "whole Pinays site" competitors, the focus is on further horizons... The fact that similar/competitor sites are on the same line of price/service means something I think. (On the same line of what I ranted before) But we are off topic now. Business-wise mode ON - Bring the true private, the voyeur and the members chat back on, for sure it will create more ways for incomes that otherwise wouldn't be there. But still Pinays are a different breed from other cam models around the world, I don't see them enthusiast for the voyeur or members chat. (At least until they don't notice a significant gain on their average incomes 😋)
  11. hornyguy86


    I don't understand or I disagree with the fact that members are the reason that keeps acm at distance from other more blazoned sites. Other sites have members that tip huge for the model do nothing, so let's change the cam sites in beneficence site and take out privates, just make member chat and that's all, and goodbye. I'm not joining a site cause "I want a model to earn more and I want to give" sorry for the frankness but I don't owe you a damn, I expect the model gives a service for the money I pay. About sharing a show with other members, it takes out like 80% of the vibe of such site, you get more or less the same level of excitement when someone else tips and you attend the model tease, I don't care much of tease for the others. In the Philippines, the average person makes 150$ per month, and clearly, the top models in site make a "killing" from this site. The other models make less cause they give half of their gain to a boss but they do not get a room all designed and enlighted to give the best show like in the other sites, they just get a lil space in a shared room where they have to pay attention to not show the co-worker while they move 30cm inside their space and the connection is shit. Considering the level of pvt: audio, you have to beg for it and most of the models never use cause they don't have or their neighbour could hear them; webcam is just 360x240p in 95% of cases, about incomes then the percentage they get is 50% while other sites give just a 30% after charging the customers more. The ones with good connections work already in more sites including acm, the ones with less high standard don't work in other sites cause they would get discarded in favour of the other models with higher standards connection, video, audio, potential show service. Toys are used less frequently also. Pinays by average are good with blabla that's their most common and shared skill. For all these features I think even with a "member chat" enhanced the site will not change its main face, let alone charging more for the same level of service. Voyeur alone is terrible, you could have a pvt and interact and you choose to just view others' pvt and no interaction, waste. (We are already voyeurs since we are watching a video, and those enjoying "Voyeur" are voyeur^2 gosh, cool for them, furthermore, I would keep a true private all time as you could have guessed) Members chat it's just for beneficence-headed members that don't care much of the 1on1 experience. (Cool for them) Of course, none of this is a piece of advice business wise, just my rant after lunch and coffee. Have a nice day everybody 🙄
  12. hornyguy86


    I smelled so much wisdom in this post that I got affected, I just closed the bookmarks bar and the videochat remains entirely inside the browser window, no need to resize the window horizontally or else. All the points made are untouchable, keep this juggernaut site rolling! Looking forward for badass stage 2 and 3!
  13. hornyguy86


    Later I gotta take a girl pvt and I ran out of old interface sites, no way!! I'll play a bit with CSS...
  14. hornyguy86


    From ACM mail " well for one, the size of the Video.. we wouldn't be lying by saying that we probably have the biggest Video among any chat site out there. This is a case where bigger is better, it makes the experience so much more intimate and interactive without sacrificing video quality " Doesn't a scaled up resolution of 360p x 240p sacrifice some quality in perception or am I losing something? I mean the "numbers" quality is not affected, but the perceived quality actually is.
  15. hornyguy86

    KrystalHeart - new nick name

    Short attention span or cherry picking?? C'mon man 😄 (Try a second read 😉)