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  1. model Slimcum69 banned

    Oh well that's a strong argument for a decision turnaround...
  2. Rates & Transparence

    Hi, after the n-th time in pvt that I'm asked if I downrated the n-th model, I start thinking why the site doesn't allow the transparence that would let the models see the rates they get after each pvt show. I'm sure in their profile they have a history with date and time duration records of each pvt they had. In my opinion it would be a step forward if the site could add a simple index with the numbers of stars received after each pvt record. That would save the models the "frustrating" role and the "embarassing" situation of asking and searching for the culprit of the downrate. The lack of such function really leave the models in a sort of stressing limbo cause they don't have any feedback on the pvt aside checking roughly the average rate (that sometimes is deceptive). In other sites single rates are visible not only to the performers but even to the guests (not that necessary though, just for saying), in this site instead there is just a dinamic average rate, I think the system could be improved and be more useful to the models.
  3. Purpose of categories?

    If I remember correctly "wild" should be for models that allow anal, "party" for play pussy and "romance" for just naked. I agree that those 3 categories represent a totally useless division. Maybe it's related to some legacy of the site's past but at moment I have difficulties to find a concrete reason to keep it like that but to make the main page looking very full like there are triple of models online.
  4. shabureg

    You don't make sense, if they ask you to tip them, the tip is inside the site. Second, you are calling her out for trying to get the site's % while you did agree to be partner in this issue in first place. Furthermore any average person knows that cause it is well advised in the main page of the site and when you log in credentials as well. Ah and you are in the wrong part of the forum too... then, summarizing, your post sounds more dumb than useful. (But maybe some newbie could find it useful)
  5. HI Dear Members, it's time to check for reality, or better, to share your piece of understanding of a cam site's reality! I have always asked myself how much does a cam girl really think what she says, and how much of her saying it's mere work instead. Let me know what do you think about it, every articulate answer in addition to the poll is very welcome! For what I have experienced and what I feel it's HARD to go over the 20%.
  6. Members Straight vs Gay

  7. Members Straight vs Gay

    My point is that if I knew the posts were about transex I wouldn't have entered, saving time and penises viewing. From that my endorsement for Matt's suggestion. Thanks for the comprehension. Keep up the posting dude
  8. Members Straight vs Gay

    That was more an invasion than a topic...
  9. Members Straight vs Gay

    Seen the last topic by TjHucker I totally agree with Matt, there is need for separation. How do you recognize if the thread is about trans or not without enter?
  10. Rating System Explanation

    I'm not mocking anyone, I wanted to point out that the mayority of models probably will never ask support about this topic because they will not commit themselves that much into it, remaining with a partial understanding; instead (this was my initial thought) if you (most authoritative voice) put a simple clear comprehensive post in here it would be a lot more usable to the models, and I'm sure it will avoid future misunderstandings. Furthermore if it gains attention you could cancel from here and promote it to the faq in the site. Or not?
  11. Rating System Explanation

    So I take note this board is about mocking who try to ask an authoritative source for spread some knowledge
  12. Rating System Explanation

    Actually I know how the rating system works, just i thought it could be useful for all the models that THINK they know how it works but they don't yet undertand it clearly. But if it is so secret then let's keep it hidden and let all 1000 models ask to live support 1000 times...
  13. Rating System Explanation

    Hi to all performers, I'm a member I thought it would be cool and useful if Admin could explain "in depth" how the rating system works. Especially using the simplest concepts and covering the critical points (that I experienced have been the cause of misunderstandings). Some examples: (Considering the performer gets always 5 stars rate after pvt) How does the model rating get calculated? Why does the rating go up faster at beginning (when the starting rating is low) and then the growing progression slows down? How does a period of inactivity influence the rating? When does the rating get recalculated? (With special attention in the situation: period of inactivity --> rating showed --> first pvt --> rating showed) Others questions that you can add down this thread. I wanted to add, from my humile member perspective, that high rating naturally helps with visibility in site but it's NOT FUNDAMENTAL so don't get crazy about it. Keep up the great work!
  14. New PPV Videos

    I see a lot of blur in this answer, I asked by the time to support, not only once, and they never seem to be confident in a possible java period videos disclosure, and your blurry answers follow this trend.... (multiquote works like a charm )
  15. New PPV Videos

    I don't drink it, I have always asked about java period videos for the old glories models, and noone ever told me they were or would have been available in any way. I find it difficult to believe now they are available. You told me one of the functions allowed from changing platform was the possibility to save videos, like if before it wasn't possible. So why now you come up with this non flash availability?